What UPSC expects UPSC entertains those persons who have crystal clarity in the entire preparation. Most of the candidates lack basic understanding of this exam despite putting enormous amount of hard work. UPSC preparation and exam requires the person to be well informed in day to day affairs and basic understanding of the humanity subjects like history, geography, economy and polity. If a person is having basic understanding added with the clarity his preparation is half done. There was a time when candidates preparing for UPSC exam would be terrified by the nature of questions that would be asked in the exam. But with changed pattern the candidates need not have to worry about the uncertainty. UPSC does not expect scholars who instead of understanding the pulse of UPSC do mastery over the subjects required.

UPSC does not differentiate you based on which background you come or from which university you passed with. All it asks is a citizen of India over 21 years of age with a degree. So if you are a not citizen of India and less than 21 years of age you better don’t read what I am going to write further – PS – Drop all your prejudices about this exam! UPSC does not except you to be Einstein or Newton. All it checks in you is a sensible personality so that you are capable towards defending and protecting the interest of India and its citizens domestically and internationally.