Why GoGet IAS

At a time when the civil service preparation has been the big thing than passing the exam itself, A team of Officers who are already in service and veterans who have mastered the art of preparation has come forward to offer their experience for the benefit of those candidates who does not have the privilege to attend the costly classes in Delhi.

  • There was a time when candidates did not clear the exam because of lack of information but ten years down the line candidates are not able to clear the exam because of abundance of information that is present in the market and also lack of proper guidance.
  • UPSC preparation is not about reading more but it is reading less with a higher frequency
  • It is essential to read important materials sufficiently for this examination. But a candidate is confused what is essential and not essential to read
  • The temptation to visit more sites for information is also stopping the candidates from clearing the exam. The GoGet IAS website is designed in such a way that the candidate need not have to look for anything extra which is anyway not required for passing the exam.
  • Quality is success not quantity

GoGet IAS will bridge the above gaps and aims to deliver fully fledged highly effective, efficient, affordable platform for UPSC preparation.

GoGet IAS team having suffered like never before gives special emphasis to deliver specific materials which is in tune with latest UPSC syllabus and its requirements, Our golden rule is that “we take great care not to include more materials than what is required”

GoGet IAS does not believe in creating a website that is Obese. Great care has been taken to make the preparation lean, specific, fit, and to the needs of the aspirant.

GoGet IAS is not interested in dumping the info in to aspirant mind but more in to unburdening the unnecessary info he is carrying. This is done by giving him specific info needed for his success in shortest possible time in more efficient manner.

It is in this background that the GoGet IAS team has come forward to extend their services for all those aspirants who have necessary intelligence but burdened by unnecessary information.

What GoGet IAS delivers
  • GoGet IAS is a team of veterans, who have great expertise to put you in to service  Drop in here if you really want to get IAS! We don’t force!
  • Daily Update of simplified and synthesized Current affairs dedicated for prelims and mains – Don’t spread the word because it’s free! :D
  • Simplified current affairs articles for mains preparation – We are sure you won’t prepare own notes after reading GoGet IAS current affairs.
  • Daily self-evaluate yourself with quiz and by writing answers – It helps you learn Honesty and accountability.
  • Individual review of books by passed out civil servants and scholars.
  • Make your preparation livelier and hand to overcome monotony, by watching relevant movies, documentaries, and books at one place
  • Access to toppers, veterans, model answers by toppers, interview transcripts, and GoGet IAS team
  • Access to QSS material – (Quality – Simplified – Synthesized) materials which is required to pass the exam!

And at last but not the least

“Well began is half done!” “If you began by choosing right place right destination is guaranteed” “If you have chosen GoGet IAS then “IAS” is guaranteed”