Chronology of events in ancient India

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  • BC 2300-1750<The Harappan Culture is also known as the Indus Valley Civilisation. Traces of this culture have been discovered from Mohenjodaro and Harappa (now in Pakistan), Lothal (Gujarat), and Kalibangan (Rajasthan). More than 350 sites of the period have been identified. (The chronology of the Harappan Culture is based on radio-carbon dating).
  • 2000-1500<Advent of the Aryans in India.
  • 1500-900<The Vedic age is composition of the hymns of the Rigveda. The period of the Rig, Sama and YajurVedas.
  • 900-500<Later Vedic period - Atharvaveda and Brahmanas, Aranyakas, Samhitas, early Upanishdas and Sutras.
  • 563-483<Gautama Buddha born at Lumbini(Nepal), attainment of knowledge - Bodh Gaya(Bihar), first sermon - Sarnath, death - Kusinagar (Gorakhpur, UP).
  • 540-468<Mahaviraborn at Kundagrama near Vaisali (Bihar) and passed away at Pavapuri (Patna, Bihar).
  • 519<Cyrus conquested parts of North-western India.
  • 543-491<Bimbisara, king of the Haryanka dynasty of Magadha.
  • 490-458<Ajatsatru, son of Bimbisara, King of Magadha.
  • 413-362<Sisunaga dynasty of Magadha, Sisunaga was a minister of the Haryankas, annihilation of power of the Pradyota of Avanti.
  • 362-334<Mahapadma Nanda of the Nanda dynasty of Magadha.
  • 327-325<Invasion of Alexander of Macedonia.