GoGet IAS kickstarts its journey


Live news update –(News)

Reading news paper has been one of the tricky jobs for every UPSC aspirant. Aspirants always face difficulty as to which news paper to read, what news to read. To solve this problem GoGet IAS has designed an all new platform, where an aspirant can read only that news which his relevant for shaping one’s thought process to the tune of UPSC. News here will be selected from all trusted digital and print Medias platforms like The Hindu, The Indian Express, Business Standard, Economic Times, PIB, CNN, New York Times, etc.


GoGet IAS Updates

Aspirants can just click update tab, to know what’s new on GoGet IAS platform. All updates pertaining to GoGet IAS will be shown in here.


News that made our day

Every night on the home page of GoGet IAS platform five piece of news that made our day will be featured. These piece of news are MUST READ for every UPSC aspirant.


Prelims Spotlight

Tired of making notes for factual current affairs, that often surfaces in UPSC preliminary exam? GoGet IAS has come up with delivering such factual current affairs that are not just “MUST” for clearing preliminary exam but also helps at Mains and Interview stage. The prelims spotlight here will be updated every day by 9PM. Prelims Spotlight will kick-start from Aug 10.


Mains Spotlight

Mains Spotlight is a never like before initiative, which is not found anywhere in the circle of UPSC preparation. The Mains spotlight which is handwritten by our editors will be an analysis of an issue with 360 degree perspective. The issues discussed here will be again in symphony with UPSC mains syllabus and will be sourced from trusted digital and print media platforms like The Hindu, The Indian Express, Business Standard, Economic Times, Yojana, Kurukshetra, PIB, CNN, New York Times, etc. The initiative will kick start from August 8.


Daily test and Evaluate Yourself

Daily test and Evaluate Yourself is again a never like before initiative that is lacking in the present UPSC preparation circle. Here every day 5 Preliminary, 2 Mains question and 1 Weekly essay will be put. Aspirants can practice solving these questions and take themselves accountable. A model answer containing skeleton will be put for reference of the aspirant. Evaluate yourself will kick start from Aug 7.



UPSC preparation has never been boring for a sincere aspirant. To make it more interesting we bring you a brand new section called “Infotainment”. This contains sections like Books, Documentaries, Movies, and important TV programmes from prominent national news channels like DD news, NDTV, RajyaSabha, BBC, and Times now. The programmes in this section will be informative in nature and can take away the monotony associated with the preparation thus making it more interesting.



Sharing of knowledge is essential for each one of us to do better things in life and especially in order to make UPSC preparation smarter, simpler, effective, and efficient. . Hence we bring a dedicated initiative known as Blog where Civil servants, Ex Civil servants, Scholars, Veterans, and even Aspirants can share their knowledge specifically pertaining to UPSC preparation and subjects of common interest that helps to develop ones personality and to also widen one’s horizon.

Bloggers can share their writings by mailing to our official mail address admin@gogetias.com

Bloggers are advised to keep a close watch on the subjects on which they can write.

Following are some of the subjects on which one can write a blog

Subjects of General interest on how we can make things better around us.

  • Preparation strategy for Civil service exam in general
  • Preparation strategy for Individual topics in Prelims, Mains and Interview
  • Success stories of not just UPSC toppers but anybody who has achieved something in their life which is enough to lit a fire in the mind of an UPSC Aspirant.


*Blog should not exceed more than 500 words. Anything more than 500 will be ignored.

*Blogs having extreme views or emotional will be ignored.



We Love, What, We Do

“We love” and “What” are two uniquely designed initiatives dedicated for aspirants. This section contains an image & a video, is designed especially to keep the hobbies of an aspirant alive. Aspirants who are having hobbies such as photography, Trekking, collecting coins & stamps, dance, painting, singing, writing poems can write/draw/click and send it to us in the form of an image or video. Our team will feature them under “We Love and “What” section.

“We Do” will be a clipboard of GoGet IAS which will be used to offer real time guidance for aspirants frequently.