Why you should read the news paper if you want to get IAS


How many aspirants have observed this line in UPSC syllabus “An educated person will be able to answer most of the questions without doing any specialised study” This line says it all. You need not have to do any specialised study for this exam. But most of the aspirant does just that. And slog in the process of Prelims mains and interview every year.


What should be the key take away of an UPSC aspirant after reading the news paper?

Every UPSC aspirant knows how to read news paper using his Eyes and Brain. Few knows what news to read, few do not know, and few people who know what to and what not read plus the answer to big question, Why they should read? These people simply get a rank.


A mature conscious rank holder who once was an aspirant knows that mere news paper is enough to clear this exam. Ask anybody who has cleared they will tell the same thing. But how many of you really know why you should read and how this habit has the potential to get rank for a candidate without doing much research on the topic.


To solve the problem of what news to read, GoGet IAS has designed an innovative platform where aspirants are relieved of selecting which news to read. We will pull out all relevant news from different news papers that aspirant has to read and put them in one place.


Coming to why you should read the news paper? And not refer prepared current affair notes of some institute or website


A clear thought process is necessary to clear this exam. When I say thought process I mean interpreting what you read rationally (Socially, politically, economic, culturally, strategically) without any prejudice. Reading news paper helps you to learn this habit. And there is not short cut for this. Every aspirant must learn this habit if they want to get a rank.  No matter how many current affair notes from different institutes one reads, the process is always half baked and an aspirant will never learn to write an answer with clarity.


It is essential to connect what you read in news paper objectively in the mains answer, as both the space (word limit) and time is very limited and it is impossible to ponder everything that we know. This can be achieved by practising writing a particular topic in maximum 250 words. Every aspirant must do this! No short cuts!


This is a not an overnight exercise or may be a weekly exercise, this is needed for at least 6 months to one year as the exam duration cycle is close to one year. So a fresher to reach the level of connecting what he has read and to reproduce it in answer paper, it requires smart amount of hard work and patience. Learning this habit is a must for every aspirant if he/she wants to clear the exam. Otherwise it s difficult to clear and even if one clear the rank will be of no use as one has to start the cycle again if one is crazy about getting IAS.