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We all love music. It is obvious truth that music has the potential to reinvigorate the lost spirit in everyone. UPSC preparation is a long cycle spanning close to one year. Aspirants often tend to get bored during this time. So GoGet IAS has come up with this innovative section to smoothen your preparation with light instrumentals of all types.  Listen to music while you surf GoGet IAS. The music icon is located on the right hand side corner of home page plus on every section. The music section contains almost all types of instrumental music. Aspirants have the privilege to select the instrumentals from the pre existing playlist which is universally appreciated.



Identity is very important in our lives. Every registered GoGet IAS aspirant get a privilege to have his own dedicated profile that comes up with a profile picture, basic details, forum login, bookmark option. Aspirants can save articles which they feel is important.



Sharing knowledge is very important for each one of us to move forward and climb higher ladders of life. This is where forums come in to picture. Now that preparation for UPSC through online is extensive than ever before, it becomes imperative to share/crosscheck/confirm/discuss/strategise preparation through such forums. GoGet IAS has designed the most user friendly forum for discussing issues related to UPSC preparation, here the topics are segregated and aspirant has the privilege to initiate new topics relating to syllabus.


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One cannot grow if he/she think what they are doing is best. Our vision is to provide a holistic platform for UPSC preparation that is filled with simplicity and clarity. We believe quality is more important than burdening the aspirant with quantity. We believe in hard work and keep shorts cuts away which many people are doing in the market with respect to UPSC preparation. We believe that success is always a by-product of hard work and perseverance. We want to guide aspirant towards the path of liberating from the cycle of UPSC preparation than exploiting in every way possible. We are here to guide not coach! This is what we are all about!

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