Obstacles might seem like wild animals but in reality they are cowards in front of my courageous glare.

Obstacles are formidable in appearance, greater in size and wilder in character in front of our timid and weaker spirit. Obstacles and difficulties are inevitable; however, getting frightened is our choice. Success is not determined by obstacles rather our reaction towards them. Apparently, they may seem gigantic but they crumble or disappear in front of our courageous spirit and unwavering faith.


Distinctive ideas are special gifts but without action these gifts will remain vain ornamentation of mind.

Action is of paramount significance as it is an investment for actualizing your vision and delineating your identity of who you are. If your noble intention, desire or brilliant ideas are not translated into action, then they will remain idle possessions, only to embellish your mind to show-off. The secret of reaching your goal is to get started to break the fallacies about intricacy of tasks required to take. It’s action that makes you wiser and determines your importance.

Well-done is far better than well-said. Inch of action is better than masses of theory and speculation. Long-term risk is better than comfortable inaction. The genuine adventurous journey doesn’t start in seeking rather in taking steps towards it. You might have seen and met people who succeeded on the idea which you had in your mind. What’s the difference between them and you – Lack of talent, skill, special gift, technology or opportunity?

Determination to take ACTION is their secret to success. Successful people might not envision the exact destination; they might not have error proof plans to work on; however, they know the significance of taking consistent ACTION. They fail oftentimes but keep trying.

Regardless of who I am, I am capable of creating history

If you consider greatest inventions or discoveries, you will end up knowing about the audacious initiations of the greatest creators – Scientists, Philosophers, Artists, Thinkers, and innovators who continued to undertake unique ventures on their unborrowed vision by walking on fire irrespective of consequences. They were little deaf towards the ruthless denunciation or condemnation, a little blind to the difficulties and completely impotent or helpless to their irresistible aspiration for creating something distinctive. Nothing could keep them from putting their confidence and devotion into their ideas.

Be well-equipped with courageous spirit, and never-give-up attitude for the blend of thrilling, fascinating and infuriating experience – consistent rejection, painful reception and unbearable suffering on the way.

 I am made up of amazing variety of imperfections from which my versatile personality emerges

We are actually made up of a variety of flaws, which is obvious and natural part of existence and nature itself is wonderful interpretation of perfect and ideal state intermingled with beauty and imperfections. We make heaps and tons of silly mistakes upon which we later regret but it’s true we learn series of lessons about ourselves; imperfection is the essence of wholesome beauty. Instead of trying to brush off the flaws clinging to you, stitch them together with noble intention and you will see they will shine like starts in you to make you more precious.

“Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them – every day begin the task anew.” -Saint Francis de Sale