GoGet IAS History optional guidance


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On demand from aspirants, It is our great pleasure to announce history optional guidance program at GoGet IAS.

Time line for history guidance program is as follows (for 1month)  

  • Every day, one month from now, 10 Locations will be posted every morning along with GS answer writing practice.
  • Aspirants can use these 10 locations to mark it on a map and write minimum 5 solid points about that location.
  • Aspirants are requested to post these points in the comment section below and get evaluated from our expert team. (First come first served basis)
  • At the end of one month, you will be expert with 300 locations and have entire map question in history optional paper in your pocket.

Sadik sir from Smart leaders IAS will be coordinating this initiative and aspirants are advised to make best use of his expertise.

Click here to go to map location question

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