GoGet IAS Mains 2017 Frame work


GoGet IAS brings you the much awaited frame work for Mains 2017

How should I prepare for mains?

  1. First read basic NCERT on the topics given in the UPSC mains syllabus
  2. Read one standard news paper diligently
  3. Keep track of PIB (Press Information bureau)
  4. Link the static (NCERT) with dynamic contents (News paper)
  5. Practice writing at least two answers every day and get it evaluated from experts. Click here to go to GoGet IAS answer writing mania.

Repeat the above five golden rules exhaustively

What we provide:

  • Paper  wise QSS (Quality- Synthesized-Simplified) contents
  • Mains spotlight (Current affairs) and Current Affair Spotlight magazine
  • Daily 2 paper wise model questions. See table 1 for timeline
  • 2 full length mock test
  • 24*7 expert guidance regarding UPSC preliminary exam.

Table 1

Days (Starting from June 25 2017)    Topics

Every Monday and Tuesday                General studies paper 1

Every Wednesday and Thursday         General studies paper 2

Every Friday and Saturday                  General studies paper 3

Sunday                                             General studies paper 4 and Essay


The GoGet IAS answer writing mania will start from January 2. And this initiative will continue up to Oct 10 2017

One full length mock test will be conducted on October 20th 2017. Depending on the aspirants response, we will plan to conduct more mock tests.

Date                   Examination

Oct 20st 2017      Paper 1 (9.30am-11.30am), Paper 2 (2.00pm-5.00pm)

Oct 21st 2017      Paper 3 (9.30am-11.30am), Paper 4 (2.00pm-5.00pm)


All the answers will be evaluated by our expert team based on first come first served basis. Peer evaluation is strongly encouraged.

At any point in time if any aspirants has doubts concerning to UPSC Mains examination, they can always feel free to contact us through mail (gogetias@yahoo.com) or through text on telegram (id- @gogetias2017)