GoGet IAS Wish You Happy New Year 2017


Dear aspirants

GoGet IAS wishes you a "HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017". We pray that you should all achieve your goals in this beautiful forthcoming year.

As a New Year special from our team we are launching our magazine “GoGet IAS CURRENT AFFAIR SPOTLIGHT” for November 2016. This is a must read, to sharpen your current affair information.

Please click here to download “GoGet IAS CURRENT AFFAIR SPOTLIGHT” November 2016

Please do follow our Prelims framework 2017 and Mains framework 2017.

We are happy to announce that from this January we will be asking many IAS toppers to share their views and experiences in our blog. You are also asked to write useful blogs and send it us, so that we will review and post in the blog section. The blogs may include things related to UPSC.preparation.

Please note that the we are monitoring the regular visitors and performers in our platform and a special focus and attention would be given to them who are very serious to pursue the goal of IAS.

Please remember that "If you walk one step towards the goal, we will push you to walk ten steps more"

We would like to close this New Year letter with a small well known poem

"Little drops of water

Little grains of sand

Make the mighty ocean

And the pleasant land"