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Pathway to Prelims 2017

Please note any aspirant who follows the below points judiciously should be able to clear prelims 2017 provided he is regular, honest and act smart.

If you have to clear preliminary you should have definitely read the basic NCERT for history, geography, science, economy. Please know that we have uploaded all the NCERT in the library section of GoGet IAS.

For polity, any standard material consisting an introduction, functioning of the constitution, will be sufficient. Please note that we are constantly updating chapter wise content in the preliminary section of GoGet IAS, known as HGPEE (easy bite prelims) 

Environment section in the prelims is uploaded both in the form of contents and in the form of documentaries (refer infotainment section

In the present trend, reading current affair has become highly necessary, an aspirant is expected to read one news paper, 1-2 government publications, please note that we in GoGet IAS have simplified your current affair preparation by compiling information from the Hindu news paper, Yojana, Kurukshetra, Press's information Bureau. The crux of these contents is added in the section called PRELIMINARY SPOTLIGHT

Added to the above, there is nothing like solving ten questions for your preliminary 2017. This initiative we are giving it in DAILY TEST  for prelims.

UPSC preparation is not rocket science. All you need is right materials, right guidance, patience, the art of time management and willingness to revise limited materials the maximum number of times. Rest everything just falls in place!

We do not want to talk more, what we have told in the above points are fundamentals, At any point in time if an aspirant has any genuine concerns/doubts. They can write to us @ All emails will be addressed without fail.  

Pathway to prelims 2017 is a free initiative and aspirants are advised to make maximum benefit out of this.