Current Affairs

Prelims spotlight (02-01-2017) and (03-01-2017)

Index of Eight Core Industries (Base: 2004-05=100) November, 2016

  • It is released by Ministry of Commerce and Industry
  • IIP is calculated based on (Base year: 2004-05)
  • The eight core industries are
  1. Coal (weight: 4.38 %)
  2. Crude Oil (weight: 5.22 %)
  3. Natural Gas (weight: 1.71 %)
  4. Refinery Products (weight: 5.94%)
  5. Fertilizers (weight: 1.25%)
  6. Steel (Alloy + Non-Alloy) (weight: 6.68%)
  7. Cement (weight: 2.41%)
  8. Electricity (weight: 10.32%)

Food for thought

  • What exactly does IIP signify?
  • Recall other index released by Commerce ministry


Successful Flight Test of Agni – IV

  • Agni 4 is a Long Range Surface to Surface Ballistic Missile with a range of 4,000 kms
  • Agni is indigenously developed by DRDO and Manufactured by Bharat Dynamic limited
  • Launched from Dr. Abdul Kalam Island
  • Agni-IV is the fourth in the Agni series of missiles
  • Agni 4 has a Two stage solid propellant engine.

Food for thought

  • What do recall about IGMDP? What are the lists of missiles developed under IGMDP?


Many New Projects Under Namami Gange Approved For Haridwar and Varanasi

  • New projects under Namami Gange programme in Haridwar and Varanasi have been approved by National Mission for Clean Ganga.
  • Namami Gange programme was launched as a mission to achieve the target of cleaning river Ganga in an effective manner with the unceasing involvement of all stakeholders, especially five major Ganga basin States – Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal.
  • The programme envisages River Surface Cleaning, Sewerage Treatment Infrastructure, River Front Development, Bio-Diversity, Afforestation and Public Awareness.

Food for thought

  • Recall the tributaries of Ganga.
  • National water way 1 is in which river and connects which two points?


President of India’s message on the eve of Independence Day of Myanmar

Food for thought

  • Locate Myanmar in the world map and know its surrounding countries.
  • Recall which Indian states borders Myanmar