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RSTV Vishesh - Padmavathi

Know everything about Padmavathi controversy in this program by RSTV

RSTV : Science Monitor

Please watch this program and make a gist of it in less than 200 words

How the British managed to rule India.

How the British managed to rule India.

The proof that anyone can MAKE IT

 One of the BEST MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO EVER - A must watch video for all UPSC aspirants 

Dr Subramanian Swamy Excellent Speech on Swami Vivekananda - A Must Watch for youth

A must watch video for all the youths who are lacking clarity in their life.

Drink your Food and Chew your Water: R. Madhavan at the RWC16

R Madhavan, the famous south Indian actor recently gave a talk about personality development at radiant wellness centre. His talk offers insig

The Indian (India) Mafia - Organized Crime History Documentary

Organized crime - GS 3 

Source - RSTV 

Why China Wants To Stop Its Industrial Revolution

Source - Seeker daily 

How China Is Reviving The Silk Road

Know about China's ambitious silk road in less than 4 min 


Source - Seeker Daily <

Is Free Trade Bad For The Economy?

A small resource full video about free tradee

*source - Seeker daily 
This video is only fo

What Is Capitalism? Part 2

Watch the part of capitalism part 2 in less than 3 min

*courtesy - Seeker daily 
This video is f

What is Capitalism? Part 1

Try to know the concept of Capitalism in 3 min. 


*courtesy - Seeker daily 

Sarokaar - Role of Media and Democracy

After violent protests in karnataka over cauvery river water sharing, the role of media in telecasting such issues is widely debated and disputed

World Panorama Episode (13-09-2016)

Please watch this programme

What Was Saudi Arabia's Role In 9/11?

Dont talk simply watch the video! You will love it.


Courtesy - Seeker Daily 

Kudumbashree: Women power unleashed

Aspirants are advised to watch this programme and make a gist of the discussion in about 300 words.

India' World Dated :02-08-2016

1. Watch the complete programme 

2. Observe the thought process  of scholars in the programme

3. Try a write up in ab