Before the Big Bang

  • If the big bang marked the beginning of our universe, then what existed before it? The four-part documentary series titled Before the Big Bang explores various theories which seek to explain this intriguing mystery.
  • This segment of the documentary illustrates one such journey for greater understanding about Loop Quantum Cosmology. By challenging and broadening the tenants of Einstein's Theory of General Relativity.
  • We know that hundreds of billions of galaxies exist in our universe, but what are the odds that other universes existed previous to our own?
  • Top cosmologists, astronomers and assorted scientists are working feverishly on developing these answers. Together, their individual breakthroughs represent crucial incremental steps in the search for expanding knowledge of our universe.

This is a must watch documentary for everyone and especially UPSC aspirants who are passionate about science to understand the Big Bang and what existed before it.