Why Online is better than offline

Preparation for civil services exam has been a dream for every student. When a student takes a whole hearted decision to prepare for civil services exam he becomes an aspirant of it. The journey of an aspirant is always filled with excitement, expectation, hard work, and nervousness.

An aspirant also has to stay away from home and join a training centre for preparation. This is not only physically paining and straining but also economically a huge burden for a middle class Indian family. So, until recently an aspirant from the rural area with very little economic resources could not full fill his dream of becoming IAS despite of his best abilities.

The 21st century with internet has totally redefined the way we prepare for exams. Gone are the days when an aspirant has to go to Delhi to prepare for civil services. And now the best is available at the click of a mouse button. With the penetration of internet to almost all towns and slowly in to villages, Getting trained through online platform is taking away the urban centric notion of UPSC preparation.

Online platforms are highly flexible, affordable, effective, and efficient. One can refer to all updates on Current affairs, read and watch important news updates whenever he/she wants in a given day.

At the same time online platforms are extremely user friendly. At any point of time if any candidate has any queries he/she can easily ping the dedicated persons who will be more than happy to guide you through the preparation.

The biggest of all, the inclusive nature of online platform is something which you can never get even by attending classes. The volumes of students who access such online platforms are huge and one can easily put their views, discuss issues and get things clarified thus making the preparation more interactive, hands on, sensible and simple.